Thursday, February 18, 2010

Veneered Maple Desk – Part 3

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Veneered Maple Desk

After the final sanding was completed, we applied the same finish to this desk as we do to many of our projects, which was a coat of sanding sealer followed by two coats of a bright rubbed conversion varnish.

The resulting finish is rock-hard, very durable, and perfectly smooth.

With the sealer and varnish applied, the end grain and face grain of the box joints really “popped”.

Another look at the cornerstone of this desk’s design.

This desk was being shipped to a client in Memphis, so we had to crate it up for the journey.  A simple crate constructed from 2×2’s and OSB and plenty of bubble wrap should ensure the piece makes it unscathed.

When it comes to crating and shipping furniture, we tend to over engineer our crates.  It might have been OK to have layered the sides with cardboard, but after some of the shipping horror stories we have heard, we assume the worst possible treatment, and package it accordingly. Plus, if a client is spending thousands of dollars on a piece of furniture, why would we skimp on the construction of the crate and risk damage, just to save $20?