Monday, December 1, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 8

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Four days later my brother and I came back to install the upper cabinets and the pantry cabinets.  All the sheetrock repair had been completed, the can lights were installed, and the wiring for the undermount outlets and lighting was pulled.

First, we mounted a level cleat on each wall that the cabinets sat on while being attached to the wall.  This ensured each cabinet was perfectly level without one person having to struggle to hold it level while the other guy attached it to the wall.  We began with the upper corner cabinet and worked outward.  It went fairly quickly.  We placed the cabinet up on the cleat, drilled two or four pilot holes, leveled the cabinet vertically, and screwed it to the wall.

The pantry consists of two gigantic cabinet boxes divided horizontally.  The hardest part of the whole installation was having to carry these two boxes in and slowly set them into place without dropping them.

With the first box installed, we slid the second box into place, shimmed where necessary, and screwed them together.

A few days later the granite and sink were installed.

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the tile guy had a question about end panel placement, so I loaded up my two sons in the car and drove over to work out the details.  Here is Alexander, measuring cabinets, playing with a bucket of tile cement, and keeping a watchful eye on the household dog.

Here my youngest son, Lucius, is consulting with his older brother and Katie, the homeowners daughter, regarding the finer aspects of pajama Saturdays.

The Monday before Thanksgiving all the final touches were being completed.  We added all the cabinet doors, and here I am attaching one of the six drawer fronts.

My father stopped by to give me a hand attaching the window and door moulding.

A parting shot as the evening wound down to a close.  The doors, end panels, hardware, and crown moulding, baseboards, and window and door trim have been attached.  The kitchen is just awaiting a few finishing touches before it is completely done.