Friday, November 21, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 7

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In order for the granite company to guarantee the counter tops by Thanksgiving, the base cabinets had to be installed by Monday, November 10th.  So, here are my brother and I are on Monday afternoon installing the four base cabinets.

The base cabinets went in on leveling feet in the front and a 4″ cleat nailed too the back wall.  Attach the feet, set back of cabinet on the cleat, level using feet, and screw to the wall.  Sounds simple right?  Well, in this case it pretty much was.  This kitchen has no massively bowed walls or sunken floors to take into account, so the install was pretty straight forward.

Here is my brother trying to convince me that he is right and I am wrong!  By the way, I am on the left and my brother is on the right…not that you could tell or anything.

Here is the reason a two hour install took three and a half hours.  One contractor working manages to delay things enough on their own. Two? Three? You’re looking at forever!

Once again, the Patchin brothers, working with swiftness and ease, make incredibly difficult tasks seem easy…and looking identical while they’re at it!

A shot of the kitchen with the base cabinets installed and the wall all patched up, awaiting the upper cabinets!