Friday, November 21, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 6

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The much anticipated day to demo the existing kitchens cabinetry, counters, and back splash finally arrived.  I was being paid to do what we dream of doing as kids…tear stuff apart!  Granted, I couldn’t just go in swinging with a sledge hammer, but it was close enough to be lots of fun.

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we arrived.  We had tile counters and back splash, upper and lower cabinets, and a stove/oven to disconnect and remove.

As you can see, we began by removing the hood and the oven and all the upper cabinets.  Removing the tile on the wall was fairly easy using a hammer and pry bar.

The countertops were fairly easy to remove in big chunks.  The tile was laid on top of 1″ of concrete that was floated on the particle board cabinet top.  By ripping off the particle board, the concrete and tile followed, and the counter came off much more easily than the back splash.

After smashing away the pantry’s face frame, a few screws were backed out, and the flimsy cabinet box slid right out.

Here is the kitchen’s main wall when the demo was completed.  There are a few holes in the sheetrock from removing the tile back splash, but nothing too major.

A day or two later, the soffits were removed by another contractor and the walls were patched up and readied for the cabinet install.