Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 5

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A shot looking down on the cabinet that holds the lazy susan and the cabinet to the left that holds four drawers and a spice pull-out.  The cabinet that holds the lazy susan has the corners angled with melamine to prevent spillage of items from the lazy susan into the deep, dark recesses of the corners.

Yet another view of the pantry cabinets.  This time all ten shelves have been cut and trimmed.  Only three of them are shown in this picture.  I have installed the full extension slide out drawer for canned goods.  The drawer framed in 3″ sides which have a .25″ deep dado ensuring that the shelf will be able to withstand a large amount of weight without sagging.  The full-extension drawer slide allows the drawer to slide completely out of the cabinet, making even the canned goods at the back easy to reach!

Another cabinet with two more drawers just like the one in the pantry.  These shelves however are planning on being used for pots and pans.  A dovetailed drawer will also be installed above both of these shelves.

More coming soon!