Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 4

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The finishing process for these cabinets is a little different than a usual stained finish.  Instead of using a stain on the face frames and door panels, we are using a stain glaze to achieve the look the clients desire.  Also, rather than staining the bare wood before spraying on two or three coats of lacquer, we will be lacquering the wood first, wiping on a coat of glaze, and then spraying on the final coat of lacquer.

Once I applied two coats of lacquer to the face frames, I wiped on a heavy layer of glaze with a brush, making sure to get it into all the corners and knots, and after a minute or two had passed, wiped it off with a rag, leaving some in all the cracks, corners, and knots.   After allowing the glaze to dry, a final coat of lacquer was sprayed on and the face frames were ready to be attached to the boxes.

I applied a 1.25″ trim piece to the front of all the shelves, matching them to the face frames and increasing their rigidity.

I used glue and clamps to hold the face frames in place until I could shoot in a few pin nails.

A view of two of the finished boxes.

Much more progress has been made in the past few days and will be evident with the next post.