Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ranney Kitchen 1

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Our largest project to date is a complete kitchen remodel.  We will be tearing out the existing cabinetry and tile that you see below and will be building, finishing, and installing all new custom cabinetry.  We will also be replacing the old window moulding and baseboard with new and matching crown and window moulding and baseboards.

We will build the cabinet face frames, doors, and drawer fronts out of premium grade Alder, which means there will be some knots, but none that are very large or very open.  And the boxes will be constructed from an almond colored melamine.

As you can see from the SketchUp drawing below, we are not doing a complete redesign of the kitchen, just updating and customizing it for the clients needs.

A few of the upgrades include:

1.  More efficient use of the storage space in the cabinets to help eliminate the clutter on the countertops in the current kitchen.

2.  The cabinet will go all the way up to the ceiling, thus adding an additional 6″ or so lost by the current soffit, which will be torn out prior to the installation.

3.  We will be adding a trash bin pullout and a soap and detergent pullout underneath the sink, thus organizing the clutter that generally builds up underneath a sink.

4.  We will be adding a full extension spice rack pullout and four full extension drawers to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

5.  The corners, which are notorious space wasters, will be equipped with a 28″ diameter full round lazy susan on the bottom, and a three door cabinet above to hold all the miscellaneous small appliances found in a kitchen.

6.  The base cabinet on the far right will have two full extension pullouts that will hold all the clients pots and pans and allow for easy access to all the cabinets contents.

On the other side of the kitchen is the existing pantry, refrigerator, and a small counter top.

We will remove that tiny counter, move the fridge to the left, and widen the pantry.  Also, since refrigerators these days are not magnetic, we will be adding two steel panels to the side of the fridge to hold the clients assortment of pictures and magnets.

In addition to the cabinets, we will be building the table base seen below.  The top will be a 44″ diameter slab of granite.  The base is 20″ square and will have a door on one side that will store the clients laptop and a removable shelf unit.

We will build the base out of Alder and trim the top and base in crown moulding.

Gonna look good!