Our Story

Jared Patchin started building furniture in 1991 when his father bought Shutter Crafts.  He would spend time at the shop playing with scraps of wood and a handsaw, building rickety end tables, chairs, desks, and a countless number of swords.

In the ensuing 20 years the tools have changed and so have the building techniques.  During his college years at Boise State University, where he began by studying civil engineering and then changed to production management, he began learning and developing the woodworking techniques necessary to build high-end fine furniture.

Once out on his own, he used the need of furniture for his apartment as an opportunity to further hone his furniture designing and building skills.  These projects led to some word-of-mouth business from friends and family, and after three years of part-time furniture building he took the plunge and launched his own business.

Everyday he gets the chance to refine his design and woodworking skills and he is currently working at his dream job.