Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Office Unit – Part 4

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Office Unit: Painted and Glazed Body with Stained Alder Surfaces


Each main vertical column consists of two parts; a 3″ post, and a turned post cap.  Each of the columns are going to be mounted on the front of the cabinet and wrap around the side, which meant, rather than cutting each one in half, we would need to remove a quarter from each one.


Cutting off 1/4 of each post was accomplished by nailing on a 3″ square to each end, which prevented the post from spinning, and running each piece through the table saw.


The top caps were done the exact same way.


The 3/4 posts and caps were then added to the middle cabinet and the 1/4 posts and caps were added to each of the outer corners. Initially, the interior designer and I were only planning on having the 3/4 columns in the middle, but once we added the 1/4 columns to each corner, the look really came together.


With the columns completed, it was time to turn our attention to the moulding that will sit atop the unit.  The upper moulding was designed to match the details and dimensions on the turned column caps, which meant that in the middle of that moulding was going to be a large cove piece.

Initially, we were just going to buy a cove crown moulding, cut off the ends, and lay it flat to achieve the cove detail, but after searching every supplier that we have for moulding, we couldn’t find a stock simple cove crown.  Therefore, we turned to the trusty table saw and made our own cove moulding using a piece of 1″ MDF.


The finished upper moulding unit has the cove moulding in the middle with a 1/2″ and a 3/4″ round over trim stacked above and a 1/2″ round over trim below.

The upper moulding also has a step on each side which matches the depth differences between the side units and the middle unit.