Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Office Unit – Part 3

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Office Unit: Painted and Glazed Body with Stained Alder Surfaces


With all the main cabinets of the office unit built and assembled, it was time to focus on the remaining smaller details left to complete before the sanding and finishing process could begin.

One of those details was the raised panel that would connect the two file cabinets under the desk top.  This raised panel was a bit different in that it had quarter circle curves in each of the four corners.  In order to cut the raised panel detail in the MDF we needed to use a router bit with a bearing, which would follow the four curves in each corner.  The picture above shows the huge router bit that we used and the resulting cut.


Other than the raised panel being a bit abnormal, the rest of the panel was milled and assembled much the same as any other raised panel door. The four quarter circle corner blocks were milled and routed using our normal rail-stile router bits, and in the end, everything fit together beautifully!


With the raised panel assembled and installed, we turned our attention to the baseboard that would ring the entire unit.  The baseboard was 5″ tall and is designed to wrap around the entire unit and butt into the existing baseboard in the house, which is 7.25″ tall!


Here is a final look at the office unit with everything complete except for the vertical columns and upper trim work.  Those steps will be covered in the next entry.