Saturday, November 21, 2009

Office Unit – Part 1

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Office Unit: Painted and Glazed Body with Stained Alder Surfaces

Mallory Desk 11

Mallory Desk 12

Our latest project is a huge office unit for a local client. The unit is divided into two parts: the built-in portion and the peninsula portion. The built-in portion is 11′ wide, 9′ tall, and roughly 16″ deep.

The built-in portion is divided up into three columns, with the left and right columns consisting of open, adjustable bookcases above, and an adjustable shelf behind cabinet doors below.  The center column has adjustable shelves behind two huge cabinet doors, two drawers, and an open shelf at the base.

The peninsula portion of the unit consists of a connector piece with four file drawers and a curved desk with two file drawers on each side, and a small pencil drawer in the middle.

The finishing will be painted and glazed with the tops being a nice contrasting dark stained Alder.


We began the entire process by cutting out all the cabinet parts from MDF and all the face frames from poplar. Once the boxes were assembled we laid the unit out in the shop. The upper portion of the built-in unit is visible in the background, while lower built-in unit and part of the peninsula is visible in the foreground.


Here is a picture of the pile of 8/4 Alder and the 4/4 Poplar that will be turned into the work surfaces and was turned into the face frames in the previous picture.


After building and face framing all the boxes, we cut and trimmed all the shelves, mill all the stiles, rails, and panels for the doors, and began milling and gluing the Alder work surfaces.


Aligning the desk’s two file cabinets was super easy using the dimensions and angles taken from the SketchUp model. Once the pieces were in place, we cut a template of the curved desk top from a piece of cardboard and ensured a perfect fit!