Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Media Cabinet – Part 4

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Media Cabinet – Alder & Leather

After we had completed all the construction, it was off to the finishing room with the project.

We stained the doors, front and back, sprayed on a coat of lacquer, glazed the front with our favorite glaze from Sherwin-Williams, and finished up by spraying on another coat of lacquer.  After all this, they were ready to be sent off to the upholstery company to have the leather and tacks applied to the fronts.

We finished the top in the same way as the doors.

The cabinet was also finished using the same steps as the doors and top, except that instead of taking 5 minutes to apply and wipe off the stain, it took over an hour to wipe stain onto every face and into every nook and cranny.

After a coat of stain, two coats of lacquer, and a coating of glaze, the project was finally finished!