Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Cabinet – Part 2

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Media Cabinet – Alder & Leather

Before we look at the cabinet, which was the first part of the project to be constructed, let us turn our attention to the doors.

We had six doors and two side panels that were all similarly constructed.

1. We began by building a simple shaker rail and stile cabinet door. The flat panel is 1/2″ thick with back rabbets, and the rails and stiles are 3/4″ thick and 2 5/8″ wide.

2. We added a simple but decorative applied moulding to the inside of the flat panel.

3. We then framed the door with a 3/8″ thick, 1″ wide half-round moulding, thereby making the overall thickness of the door 1″.

The 2 5/8″ wide rail and stile portion, between the inner applied moulding and the outer half-round moulding, will have a layer of embossed leather attached using decorative nails.

The five drawer fronts mimicked the design of the doors, but were much simpler.  The same 3/8″ thick, 1″ wide trim framed each drawer panel.

We attached a frame piece to the top and bottom of each end panel, which matched the face frames from the front of the cabinet, and glued that whole assembly to the side legs, making one large side panel.

The legs that we attached to the panels are 2.5″ square.  The panel sits 4″ off the ground, and the curved portion of the foot begins when the panel ends, and continues all the way to the ground.

We then attached the end panels to the cabinet carcass using biscuits and glue.

The final cabinet looks like this.  The body of the cabinet is all 3/4″ alder plywood with 1.5″ wide, 3/4″ thick face frames.  The top is 1.75″ thick alder, which overhangs the legs by 3/4″ on the sides and the front.

The next entry will detail the installation of the doors, keyboard trays, and middle drawer.