Thursday, July 29, 2010

Media Cabinet – Part 1

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Media Cabinet – Alder & Leather

We recently had a brand new interior designer, Suzie Hall from Cornerstone Interior Design, approach us with a very cool project!  The project is a media cabinet, designed to hold the clients TV on the top, the various components behind the three sets of doors, two central drawers, and eight open laptop slide out trays.

We began the design process with a sketch from the designer showing the desired layout of the doors and drawers.  We would have three pairs of equally sized doors along the front of the cabinet, with two drawers in the middle, and laptop trays off to either side of the central drawers.

The cabinet would also be based on this inspiration picture.  We would be taking design cues from this piece and incorporating them into the final custom piece.

Some of the design elements we took from the piece were the four decorative corner legs, and the leather trimmed cabinet doors with decorative moldings.

The top will be solid wood, not leather wrapped, and the cabinet will not have a metal rod detail between the legs.

The first round of designing saw a few changes.  We reduced the number of laptop trays, due to width limitations, to just two on each side of the central drawer. We then added flip down drawer fronts, thereby hiding the laptops in each of their cubbies.  We also merged the two central drawers into one, keeping the wide front look cohesive along the top row.

After a few rounds of modifications, the final piece is as seen above.  The overall dimensions are 90″ wide, 22″ deep, and 36″ high and the legs are 2.5″ square.

Check back in a few days for the first round of construction photos.