Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mahogany Occassional Tables – Part 2

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Solid African Mahogany Coffee, End, & Hall Tables

All the legs and stringers were glued up for the end table and the coffee table, so we turned to the behemoth that is the hall table.  As you can see, we routed a continuous spline along the vertical joint.  It was not really necessary to have a 24″ long spline to connect the two pieces, but in this case we decided that it was better to be safe than sorry.

The top is connected to the base with six loose tenons.  The tenons were attached in places to minimize and counteract any future movement of the top or legs.

The mortises in the top were routed using our plunge router and either a clamping straightedge for the shorter runs or a long metal square bar for the longer runs.

With all the mortises routed, the tenons milled, and the entire piece dry fit, we added liberal amounts of glue and clamped overnight.

The same processes were repeated for the coffee and end tables to connect the three leg assemblies together.

Balancing the coffee table base on two 5-gallon buckets was necessary to glue the three base pieces together.

Four mortises were routed in each of the base assemblies and the tenons were added.

The mortises were routed in the tops, they were flipped over, and the whole group was glued together.