Friday, October 14, 2011

Mahogany Dresser – Part 1

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Dresser – Stained African Mahogany

In the early part of this year, 2011, we built a dresser for a friend’s wife as a birthday gift.  We began with an inspiration picture, which showed a dresser with four rows of drawers, ornate detailing around the drawer fronts, turned columns, furniture feet, and a dark red stained carcass with a two-toned stained top.

After some initial designing to get us pointed in the correct direction, we jumped right into cutting out the carcass of the dresser.

We cut out the sides, which were the only visible portions of the carcass, from 3/4″ African Mahogany plywood, while the back and bottom, which are unseen, were cut from 1/2″ and 3/4″ MDF.

After running a few dadoes in the sides and the back, we glued and brad nailed the pieces together.

With the glue drying, we turned our attention to the front framework of the dresser, which was constructed from solid 3/4″ thick African Mahogany.

Here, Colby is jointing a rough board of Mahogany prior to sending it through the planer, and Jonathon is in the background working as hard as ever!

After adding both the left and right columns, Colby fine tunes the fit of the horizontal rails and marks the exact placements of the corner notches.

We used a dado blade and a sled to cut a notch in each corner of the horizontal rails. The notch allows the rails to fit behind and between the vertical columns added in the previous step.

The horizontal rails are connected to the dresser using glue and pocket screws.  This picture shows Colby drilling the pocket screw holes using a special jig and drill bit.

Using pocket screws, we connected the rails to the carcass of the dresser. Spacers were also used to ensure exact spacing between each rail.

With the front rails connected, we turned our attention to the rest of the internal framework, which consisted of the back rails and the vertical spacers. Each piece was glued and screwed into place.  Next, we added eleven pairs of full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides into each space.