Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jeffersonian Revolving Book Stand – Part 2

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Jeffersonian Revolving Book Stand

Jefferson Book Stand 9

With the sides and the base well on their way, it was time to turn my attention towards the central column that everything would attach to. In the rendering, my original idea for the central column was to make a “+” in the middle and add a top and a bottom, but with the deadline fast approaching, I simplified the design just a bit. The solid “+” was a unnecessary, as four vertical columns connecting the top and bottom together would accomplish the same thing.

I began by cutting the top and bottom from walnut plywood and sent them through our edgebander before mortising in the four domino slots in each piece.

Jefferson Book Stand 11

Once I created the mortises in the top and bottom, I milled the four vertical columns that would connect the top and bottom and complete the central assembly. Each column was milled from solid Walnut and measured 1.5″ square. Each of these columns also received a mortise in each end for a domino. After sanding all six parts, we applied a finish of sanding sealer and lacquer prior to assembly.

Jefferson Book Stand 15

With the central column complete, we could now begin attaching the side and top wings and the base. This is the most enjoyable part to any project because you finally get to see all the hard work from the previous steps finally take shape and come together to form the final project!

All the wings were attached using decorative finial hinges, sourced from Hafele, in a nice oil-rubbed bronze finish. I even used an old-school push drill, one of the few vintage tools we have floating around the shop, both in homage to Jefferson’s original piece, and because it happened to be the best tool with which to install the screws.

Jefferson Book Stand 14

Attaching the base to the central column was next up on my list. The rotating action was accomplished using a small lazy-susan. I also added five rare earth magnets, one at the base of each column and one on the top, to help secure each wing in its home position.

Jefferson Book Stand 16

Prior to sending each of the wings into the finishing room, I needed to dry-fit each one and make any necessary adjustments. The finial hinges had quite a bit of adjustability built in, via elongated Left-Right and Front-Back holes, so minor adjustments were a breeze.

Jefferson Book Stand 17

It was now time to spray on the sealer and lacquer coats in the finishing room. In this picture, I am using our pneumatic scuff sander to sand between the seal coat and the lacquer top coat.

BTW, if anyone out there is thinking about upgrading to one of these sanders to replace having to hand sand using a sponge, I highly recommend it. The sander speeds up the overall scuff sanding process and it eliminates cross-grain sanding altogether, which is a godsend on cabinet doors.

Jefferson Book Stand 18

Once the lacquer dried, we were able to re-install the side and top wings. Here is a view of all five wings in their open resting position.

Jefferson Book Stand 20

Early on I was hoping to find a nice and decorative metal bar to act as the stopper for the side wings, but I was unable to find anything that I was happy with, so I settled for a shop-made stop made out of Walnut. Each wing has three different notches, giving the user multiple angles with which to rest their books.

Jefferson Book Stand 19

The top wing required a different design for the stop mechanism. The stop needed to hinge up and down, and it had to fit within the 1/4″ open space under the top wing. This was accomplished with a simple hinged bar. The hinge mechanism was created using a 1/16″ dowel running through the middle bar, into each of the side plates. Initially, I was not going to through drill the 1/16″ hole for the hinge pin, but I realized that if the dowel ever broke, it would be impossible to repair the hinge. With the pin continuing through all three hinge pieces, the broken dowel can easily be removed and a new dowel installed in its place.

Revolving Book Stand

Here is the final shot of the Jeffersonian revolving book stand.