We Listen

It is the fine details that separate the good companies from the great ones. When you contact us, you're communicating directly with the owner himself. You won't be bounced around from an administrative assistant to a supervisor and then to the boss. Whether you call, text, or e-mail, you'll be speaking directly to Jared.

We Respond

Since you're working directly with the man in charge, it's not going to take weeks or even months for us to get back to you. Quotes and estimates are delivered in a timely fashion so that you don't have to wait and wonder what the cost on your new kitchen remodel, furniture piece, or other wood project is going to be.

We Are Flexible

At J. Alexander, we understand that your time is precious. Between work, family, and other meetings you may have throughout your day, it can be difficult at times to get on the same page with multiple parties. Since flexibility is ingrained into everything we do, we can work around your schedule to meet and install on the days and times that work best for you.

We Visualize

It is one thing to have a project in your mind's eye; it is something completely different when that vision becomes reality. Since custom woodworking is our forte, we render all of our products in a 3D environment, ensuring accurate specifications and the satisfaction of knowing your project will be made to your liking.

We Create

We're in the business of creating custom masterpieces. We thrive on the difficult, unique, and just plain weird designs that come across our desk! If your project calls for blending materials, metal accents, sandstone tabletops, or any other flourishes outside of the woodworking realm, know that we are not just bound to the wooden portions of a project! Bring your ideas to us, and we'll collaborate with you to do your imagination justice.

We Are Timely

You are not going to wait months on end for your kitchen cabinets or custom furniture piece to be completed. Timeliness is a valued aspect of everything we do; your schedule and convenience matter to us. Our time frames are fair and realistic, and our desire is to get your project right the first time. This combination of being time-sensitive and producing a quality finished product is the balance we strive for at J. Alexander Fine Woodworking!

We Are Local

Based right here in the Treasure Valley, you will have peace of mind knowing your dollars are being redistributed back into the local economy. We are invested in our community, supporting other local businesses in the process of our everyday interactions. We're also not some fly-by-night outfit that's here one day and gone the next; we live where we work!

The Design

Quality has its roots in a solid initial design. We have state-of-the-art designing software to ensure precise measurements using digital drawings and exact cut-outs from our computerized CNC machine. This, combined with previous experience on hundreds of jobs, will give your project a human touch in its planning and truly make it custom for you.

The Materials

With a name that boasts fine woodworking, you can rest assured that we don't cut corners with sub-part, low quality wood product. Whether dealing with plywood sheet goods, solid lumber, edgeband and veneers, or other non-wood materials, high quality is priority one with any material we work with. The lumber we receive is kiln-dried and already acclimated to our high desert environment, ensuring that your finished product will be free from any wood movement or cracking that often besets lower quality products.

The Construction

Just like the design process, constructing your custom furniture and cabinetry takes seasoned professionals that know what they're doing. We implement the building methods that work best, and we're always innovating and rethinking the ways that we create and assemble our products. This acknowledgment of what works, balanced with the willingness to re-evaluate, goes into creating products built to last.

The Finishing

Just as the name indicates, the finishing puts the final touches on your masterpiece. In our opinion, this is where our hand-crafted furniture is a step above mass-production competitors. What will look best for your products? Four coats of hand-rubbed tung oil? Wipe on polyurethane? Pre-catalyzed lacquer? Conversion varnish? Our vast finishing knowledge goes into every piece, ensuring the most outstanding look for your custom furniture!

The Cost

Custom jobs will undoubtedly be more expensive than lower-end, mass produced items. However, you will most definitely pay for what you get when commissioning a project with us! Our prices are very reasonable and competitive, even against some of the higher-end chain stores selling woodworked products. You can't put a price on getting the products that fit your exact vision and desire. Getting that vision satisfied through us, however, won't cost you an arm and a leg.

The Environment

We love living in the Treasure Valley! It only makes sense for us, then, to take care of the environment through our workplace practices. We use only formaldehyde-free plywoods & melamines, FSC-certified lumber, and reclaimed lumber. Plus, all of our finishing waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly process.