We Listen

It is the simple things that separate the great companies from their competitors and one of those simple things is answering the phone when it rings. We answer our phone when it rings, any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, ensuring that if you have a quick question or a full-blown emergency, we will be here to help immediately.

We Respond

We know that waiting for answers to your questions can be terribly frustrating, which is why we return quotes within 24 hours of your initial request, allowing you to spend more time planning and less time waiting and wondering.

We Are Flexible

We know that your days can be incredibly busy and it can be near impossible trying to schedule a meeting between multiple parties. That is why we are flexible and work around whatever time schedules are best for you. Whether it is early morning, late afternoon, evening, or weekends, we can accommodate your schedule and make your day just a bit more hassle-free.

We Visualize

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is no more evident than with custom furniture. It can be a worrisome process to design a piece of furniture from scratch and only have a verbal description of what the final product is going to look like. We help ease that worry and stress by replicating the final product in a 3D environment, allowing you to see how each and every detail will come together to form your final piece of furniture.

We Can Do It

We love custom furniture and thrive on the weird, unique, and out-of-the-ordinary designs that come across our desk. We are here to help you design the exact piece that you are looking for. We ensure that you will never hear us say, “We can’t do that.” We love to blend materials. If you need custom metal accents for a dresser, or want a sandstone top for a console table, we can handle all aspects of the project, not just the wooden portion, and deliver the final product fully completed.

We Deliver

Gone are the days of ordering a piece of furniture and waiting for 12-16 weeks to receive it. Gone are the days of waiting 12-16 weeks only to find out that the wrong piece was sent or that it arrived damaged. We laugh at twelve week lead times. Six weeks is our “normal”. If the piece is small, such as a wine rack or end table, it may be as little as three weeks. Even if the piece is huge, like a dining set or entertainment center, the lead time never grows past eight weeks. If you are ever in a bind and want the product in two weeks, or even one week, just give us the details and we will make sure it gets done in time, all with the same level of quality as usual.

We Are Local

We are not some faceless corporation with a factory in India or China. We are a local business that supports other local businesses, ensuring the city we live stays healthy and vibrant. We are your neighbor down the street and we take pride in our work because it is going into the community that we love and call home.

The Design

A quality product begins with a quality design. We design every piece we build in Google SketchUp piece-by-piece, making sure that every part is properly designed, which ensures the final product is as perfect as possible.

The Materials

Wood is the heart of our business, so why would we cut corners and use low quality products? We love solid wood and high-quality veneers and the opportunities they give us to design one-of-a-kind products. All of our lumber is kiln-dried and is acclimated to our dry desert climate before any construction begins, ensuring the final product is free from wood movement, cracking, and volatility.

The Construction

What is the best way to build a breadboard top to minimize the effect of wood movement over time? What type of joinery method is best to attach Duncan Phyfe style feet? We know the answers and we stress over these and all the other seemingly minor details that go into creating furniture that will outlast its owner.

The Finishing

In our humble opinion, this is where hand-crafted furniture blows its mass-produced competitor out of the water. The finishing process is everything. It can make a poor piece of furniture look good and it can completely ruin a perfectly build piece of furniture. Our finishing process tailor matches the piece of furniture with the best finishing method, to ensure a lifetime of worry-free beauty. Whether it is four coats of hand-rubbed tung oil, wipe on polyurethane, pre-catalyzed lacquer, or conversion varnish, we guarantee that your jaw will drop when you see the final piece.

The Cost

Custom furniture is of course more expensive than a lower-end mass produced item, but when compared to high-end brands such as Ethan Allen, Thomasville, and others, our prices are usually very competitive. Custom furniture is also just that, fully customized to your exact needs and desires. On top of that, your furniture is designed and hand-crafted by a local craftsman.

The Environment

Living here in Boise, ID gives us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! We use only low-formaldehyde or formaldehyde-free plywood and strive to use FSC-certified hardwoods and reclaimed lumber and materials whenever possible, and all of our finishing waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly process.