Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Group of Cherry Tables – Part 2

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Solid Cherry Dining, Kitchen, Coffee, and End Tables

After we had routed the mortises for the splines in the underside of the four table tops, we turned our attention to the three splines and nine legs. Each spline received a mortise of the same length as the one in the table top and a mortise on each end, which would connect it to the side of the leg.

All of this was accomplished using our plunge router and a mortising jig.

With all of the mortises routed, we milled and cut the splines, and began dry fitting the tables.  The dining table is shown above and the kitchen table is in the background.

The spline under each of the table tops accomplished two things; it added even more strength to the 1.5″ thick table top, ensuring that it will never bow downwards from to much weight, and it provided much needed rigidity to the legs, keeping the table from crumpling over from to much force placed upon one of the ends.

If the table was small enough, and the legs short enough, a stringer could be left out completely, but we included one on all three of our tables, varying in heights from 4″ on the coffee table, to 7.5″ on the dining table.

After performing the dry fit on each of the tables, we final sanded all the parts with 220 grit sandpaper and, using a plethora of culls and clamps, glued everything together.