Friday, July 11, 2008

Entertainment Center 8

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The happy day had arrived!  The day to finally install the entertainment center.  It is always fun to see the end of a project in sight, no matter how hard or easy it was along the way.

Built-ins still cause me quite a bit of stress!  I have not yet installed enough of them for the process to have become second nature, so every detail is planned, second guessed, and double checked prior to the final day.

Here is a shot of three of the four boxes installed.  That is my brother, Colby, screwing the upper cabinet box onto the wall studs.

This project required dozens of tight fits and very little room for error, and thankfully, due to the Sketchup drawing, and careful planning, everything went in without a hitch.  Every hole drilled for the outlets, speaker wires, and TV wires lined up exactly as planned!  It was a very good feeling!

Another shot of Colby’s rear end as he attaches the final cabinet to the wall studs.

The entertainment center at the end of the first day of installation.  All four boxes are screwed to the wall studs, three of the four vertical trim pieces are up (the fourth one will be scribed at the shop and brought back), three of the four lower door panels are attached and adjusted (the fourth door is missing a hinge because I was shorted by my supplier), and the fabric paneled doors are awaiting the fabric panels (I picked up the fabric from the customers on the day of the install).

So, by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week the entire thing should be completed!