Friday, July 11, 2008

Entertainment Center 7

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The installation date was quickly approaching so it was time to clamp on the trim, screw on the hinges, and dry fit the door panels.  But before that could happen I had a last minute change to deal with.  The clients had been following their projects progress on the blog and noticed something that was talked about initially but was omitted from my Sketchup drawing and was missed by them during the final review.  The detail was a recessed toe kick.   The client saw that I had built the cabinet with a flush toe kick, and immediately called me up and explained the mix-up.  Who would have guessed our humble little blog would have saved me hours of travel and loading and unloading?

The desired look is seen below, and took a relatively small amount of time to re-work, which made me a very happy guy!  Especially since we were nearing the eleventh hour on the project as it was!

Here is the left tower sans door panels, but with the trim work clamped in place and two of the four shelves in the bottom cabinet.

Now we are getting somewhere!  Dry fitting the doors.

Just making sure everything swings open as it should.