Saturday, June 28, 2008

Entertainment Center 4

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The posts for the rest of this projects are going to be short and will be coming fast. That is because the units need to be constructed, finished, and installed in 2.5 weeks from today! The crazy fast time frame is because the customers are expecting the birth of their second child the week after the install, and family will be arriving around the same time, and they want to get all these home improvements completed and out of the way ASAP!

Construction on the two towers was next in line. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Refer to the previous paragraph for the reason why. Each tower was built in two parts, a lower cabinet box, and an upper box. Each one is a bit different from the other, forcing me to plan three times, measure twice, and cut once.

As you have seen from the previous posts I drew the entire project in Sketchup, each individual part was drawn to scale, and then brought together like a puzzle to form the finished product. This helped me so much in the construction phase, because every issue related to height and width was already resolved before I ever cut the first board.

This project is unique in two ways. Each box is going to be stained and clear coated prior to assembly. I have never done this before. It should actually work out much nicer because it is a ton easier to finish two dozen flat surfaces than it is to finish a 6′ tall, 4′ wide box. The finish is also a first for me. I usually spread on and wipe off stain, but in order to achieve the look the clients want, the stain on this project is going to be sprayed on only, no wiping necessary. This will also make my job easier, since half of the work of staining has been removed.

Anyway, back to the boxes. After cutting out all the shelves, sides, tops, and bases I laid each tower out, using the floor as a “wall”.

The tower below is the one on the left side. The base will have half-width adjustable shelves covered by cabinet doors, the middle will house a flat panel TV, and the top will have fabric-paneled cabinet doors. All pretty straight forward in the construction department.

The right hand side was a bit more complex. The look is very similar with cabinet doors at the base hiding full-width shelves, an open area in the center, and fabric-paneled doors on top. The main difference being the fact that the clients wanted the open area in the center to have walls flush with the edge of the trim, which meant I had to add small half-walls on each side that lined up with the inside edge of the trim work. Nothing to hard, but it did require a bit more planning and preparation.

After each tower was laid out, it was time to mill the trim work, cut it to length, lay it on the towers, and check spacings once again. Everything lined up perfectly! Not a huge surprise, but there are always issues that can be missed, even with extensive sketching and planning.