Friday, May 23, 2008

Entertainment Center 1

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Material = Alder & Oak

May 2008

I had a client call me up a couple of weeks ago wondering whether or not I could build them an entertainment center for their family room. I said yes. Built-ins are not my favorite projects, to many out of square walls, floors and ceilings to deal with, but the more I build and install the easier they get.

This one is actually going to be fairly complicated. Not only am I having to deal with the usual wavy and crooked walls, but I am also having to build the cabinet boxes around the fireplace and integrate them with the not-yet-completed stonework and with a mantle that I am building.

Below is the partially completed fireplace and the space where the entertainment center is going to fit.

Here is a SketchUp version of what the finished entertainment center is going to look like. All the tops, bottoms, and sides of the boxes will be cut from oak plywood and the backs will be cut from alder plywood. The shelves and divisions within each box will all be oak whereas the raised panel doors below and the fabric paneled doors above will be constructed from knotty alder. All the doors will be distressed and glazed and the entire unit will be stained.

The mantel between each unit will be constructed from knotty alder, will have two corbels, and just like the cabinet doors, will be distressed, glazed, and stained.