Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dining Room Table 8

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After dismantling the table, it was time for some staining. Here is the top after a coat of custom mixed stain.

Here is one of the legs after being stained and having one coat of tung oil rubbed on.

Here I am rubbing in the second and final coat of tung oil onto the table top. Oil is a perfect finish for a dining table given its ease of repair and touch up. The first coat of oil was wiped on with a rag and allowed to soak in and dry completely. The second coat was rubbed on using steel wool. The steel wool helped to smooth out the wood surface and helps create a nice shine to the finish. The oil was the wiped off with a clean, dry rag after a few minutes.

Here is the final top, a few minutes after wiping all of the oil off the surface.

The table was delivered to the customers the next day and placed in their fairly expansive dining room. The matte finish of the table is in quite the contrast with the shine of their mahogany parquet floor. The clients did not want any kind of a shine to the surface, just a nice dull shine that would willingly take abuse for years and look no worse for the wear.

It was so hard to keep myself from rubbing on two more coats of oil and bringing the top to a nice shimmering glow, but since it was not my table, I did what I was being paid to do.

Here is a close-up of the rosette that is bolted on to a metal sleeve that extends through the table leg.