Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dining Room Table 5

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After a rest filled weekend completing the final stages of a sprinkler system, Tuesday morning greeted me with a full slate of jobs.

The first step to flush trimming the legs and stringers is to use double stick tape to connect the template to the wood stock.

Next, using the router table and the 2″ flush trimming bit, the excess is cut away as the bearing rides along the template.

The metal post on the left is called an indexing pin and is used as a fixed point to rest the material against as it is slowly eased into the bit, decreasing the chance of chattering and therefore increasing safety.

After the flush trimming is complete, this is what the leg system looks like. Sorry for the poor visibility. Didn’t think of that when I took the picture. The next step is to get the clients final approval and then I will mortise and tenon the pieces and glue everything together.