Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dining Room Table 3

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The next step I tackled was milling the leg groups. Each leg group is made up of two vertical supports and a horizontal stringer. All three pieces are to be milled out of 2″ thick Alder, just like the table top, and glued together using mortise and loose tenon construction.

I need a template to use from one leg piece to the next in order to ensure that each of the four vertical legs and the two horizontal stringers are exactly the same. Fortunately the SketchUp model can be printed out and used in the shop to dimension the templates.

I took the numbers from the drawings and transfered them to a 1/4″ thick piece of MDF. I need two templates, one for the vertical leg and one for the horizontal stringer.

After cutting out the templates on the band saw, I sanded them using an oscillating spindle sander, and sanded out the small grooves with a rasp.

I then delivered the leg templates to the interior designer to review the design with the clients and get their approval before we proceeded any further.