Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bosch Tool Review – Laser Distance Measurer

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GLM80 Laser Distance and Angle Measurer

Model: GLM 80

If you are still site measuring for cabinetry strictly with a tape measure, this review is for you. I have been measuring rooms for cabinetry since I started J.Alexander in 2008, and have been using a Bosch laser measurer, to speed up and simplify the process, since 2010. I carry a small 12′ tape measure on my belt, not the gigantic contractors 25′ tape, since 95% of what I am measuring is under 8′ in length. The width of the tape is narrow, and as such, is only able to stay horizontally unsupported for about 6′ before the tape “breaks” and falls to the floor. At the shop, this is never an issue, but when measuring a kitchen, it is a constant hassle. Measuring any length over 8′ requires a series of smaller lengths to be measured and summed together to achieve the overall distance. This is a royal pain, and is so prone to user error that one is just asking for headaches and rework.

Enter the GLM80 Laser Distance and Angle Measurer from Bosch. The GLM80 makes the task of measuring any distance, long or short, as easy as pushing a button. This has been a lifesaver when measuring a room for cabinetry in several ways. First off, measuring is incredibly simple. Turn the device on, rest the base on a solid surface, push the measure button, and read the distance that is displayed. It is that quick and easy. Since taking a distance reading is so easy, we always measure the top, middle, and bottom of any horizontal span, and multiple floor-to-ceiling heights. This allows us to get a good idea of the imperfections present in the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Secondly, the GLM80 allows us to measure not only against a wall, but also away from the wall, say like 12″ or 24″ away. By knowing the distance of the wall where the cabinet box is actually going to touch, we can build our cabinets to more accurately fit the space.

The GLM80 can measure distances as short as 2″, by registering the reading from the nose of the tool, and as long as 265′. Measurements are accurate to 1/16″, and any time I have double-checked a length with my tape measure, and I have never had any conflicting results. The tool also tells you how far off of plumb or level it is, ensuring that the distance measured is as accurate as possible. The backlit display allows the user to see the numbers even in dimly lit spaces, and the tool is recharged not with new batteries, but via a built-in lithium-ion battery and a wall charger.

My trusty 12′ tape measure is still important when measuring for a kitchen or entertainment center, but spending $200 on a GLM 80 is a no-brainer, since the process is made quicker, easier, and more accurate than ever before