Sunday, October 10, 2010

Armoire – Part 1a

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Armoire – Painted & Stained Alder

Our latest project is a custom storage armoire for the same customer that we built the custom media cabinet for!

We began with two inspiration pictures from the interior designer, Suzie Hall of Cornerstone Interior Design. The first one, above, shows what the cabinet and upper trim work of the armoire will look like.  The cabinet is going to measure 45″ wide, 50″ tall, and 20″ deep.  The cabinet will then sit on a base unit comprised of a top plate, four turned legs, and a lower stringer. The upper cabinet will be painted a rich red color and distressed and glazed to add a nice and rich aged look.

While the armoire cabinet and trim details are inspired on the picture at the top, the turned legs and the stringer are based on the picture directly above.  The base legs will be turned from solid Alder as well, and will be roughly 5″ in diameter at their widest point.  The legs will be stained a semi-transparent black color.

The final design of the armoire is seen in the picture above.  Each of the doors on the upper cabinet will be connected using a pair of 6″ strap hinges and will have a large handle in the middle.

Here is a closer look of the upper trim work of the base.  The trim will be three different pieces of moulding assembled to achieve the final look.

Also, rather than having a lower shelf, we will be replacing it with a simple, but elegant, curved stringer connecting all four legs.

Lastly, here is what the turned legs and feet look like when they are quartered. We dimension the drawings and send them to a turning company in Vancouver BC, who use them to create the final pieces.